Incoming Students

Incoming Students

1. Contacts

Anita Wojciechowska-Chrabąszcz - Outgoing Mobilities Coordinator

Email: - outgoing students

Yana Tashkevych - Incoming Mobilities Specialist

Email: - incoming students


Społeczna Akademia Nauk - Łódź

ul. Sienkiewicza 9
90-113 Łódź
Tel. 42 664 66 66
Fax 42 636 55 32
NIP: 725-10-56-220

Społeczna Akademia Nauk - MAIN CAMPUS FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS in Warszawa

ul. Łucka 11
00-842 Warszawa
tel.: 22 656 36 15 – dziekanat 101
tel.: 22 656 36 16 – dziekanat 1
tel.: 22 656 32 60 - dziekanat 120
fax: 22 379 68 34

Dean's Office - room 105
phone: +48 22 656 39 01


2. Academic Authority

Rector of the University : dr hab. Roman Patora, prof. Społecznej Akademii Nauk

3. General description of the University

University of Social Sciences called also SAN or Spoleczna Akademia Nauk is the largest private educational institution in Poland, with more than 25 years of experience. It is located in the centre of Warsaw. We provide high-quality education to students from all over the world. The University offers a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programs in major cities in Poland and in the branch campus in London. Our offer also includes MBA and PhD studies and a unique American Master’s degree program in cooperation with Clark University.

Our goal is to equip students and graduates with specialist knowledge and practical skills needed in the 21st century’s labor market, both at the local and international levels. Therefore, all of our programs are developed in close cooperation with partner companies and institutions and provide students with an opportunity to participate in internship programs and various projects in a real-world business environment.

 Immense interest in the studies offered by the University of Social Sciences results from its emphasis on developing practical skills. The faculty of Journalism and Social Communications has at its disposal professional radio and TV studios; The faculty of English Studies boasts high-tech language laboratories; The faculty of Finance and Accounting or Management has developed an extensive programme around case studies.

The students are also encouraged to participate in exchange programmes and internships in prestigious partner universities throughout the world within, among others, the Erasmus programme.

Studies at the University of Social Sciences are a great way to pursue your academic and professional passions, earn awards in scientific and sports competitions, participate in student activities, develop your interests in university clubs and make friends for life.

Why is the University of Social Sciences the best choice?

  • The most popular non-public university in Poland in the year of 2014 according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  • More than 25 years of experience – operating since 1994.
  • Over 16,000 students and 60,000 graduates.
  • Close collaboration with Clark University enabling students to obtain an American Master`s degree and to complete their studies in the USA and participate in an internship program -            a gateway to an international career!
  • Educational programs offered in English reflecting the needs of the rapidly changing world. Up-to-date majors: International Business Management, Computer Science, International Tourism and Hospitality Management and many others.
  • Practical business training. Students don' t just learn the theory of different subjects, but also use this theory in a working environment during projects organized in cooperation with companies
  • Top-class academic staff and renowned practitioners and specialists from Poland and abroad (the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Israel and others).
  • Branch campuses of the University are located in main Polish cities such as Warsaw, Kielce, Lodz, Cracow and 15 others, including a branch campus in London
  • Possibility of accommodation in the University’s dormitory in Warsaw (at an attractive price).
  • Student exchange within the Erasmus+ program and bilateral agreements with prestigious partner universities all over the world.
  • Internalization of University of Social Sciences connected with exchange programmes and accepting students from abroad from countries such as Slovakia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Pakistan, etc.
  • Assistance of the Student Career Centre.
  • Additional activities, including sports, getting acquainted with the Polish culture, libraries

Our Facilities

Without doubt, our well-equipped didactic and research facilities are our strong point. They enable efficient teaching and make it possible to carry out various scientific and research projects. What distinguishes our premises is its modern and functional design. What’s more, we are conveniently located in the centre of the cities we are in: Warsaw, Lodz and Cracow.

Lecture halls are equipped with cutting-edge multimedia devices. Each lecture hall is fitted with  a multimedia control system comprising video projectors, DVD players, satellite TV, computers, digital boards with PC interface, magnetic boards, roll-up screens and the lighting. All lecture halls have professional PA systems, which guarantees the highest sound quality and audibility in all sections of the hall. Each classroom offers the possibility of using various teaching aids, such as laptops, overhead and transparency projectors.

4. List of degree programs offered


FIRST Level – Bachelor


European and international administration
Government and local government administration
Treasury administration – TAX 
E - administration 
Managing local and regional development 



Global and regional security 
Business safety
Public safety and public protection
Protection of classified information, personal information and business information 
Emergency management


Press journalism workshops
Television journalism workshops
Basics of television editing
Preparation for the work of a TV reporter in new media
Press forms on the Internet
Photography in the media
Designing a media project
Designing a marketing campaign
Media relations
Social media in media communication
Photo editing for a journalist
Television Forms
Journalistic techniques in new media
Online campaign planning
Marketing in the digital sphere
Fundamentals of design in the media


Director/cinematographer film, television and advertising
Acting film, television, advertising, stage and theater
Production of film, television advertising and theater


English for business
Intercultural communication in business and advertising


Business finance
Public finance
Banking and financial consultancy 




Graphics and design of computer games
Computer graphics in the media
Informatics for humanists
Internet technologies
Computer systems and networks


Aesthetic cosmetology
Spa and wellness


Euro logistics
Logistics trade and distribution
Logistics industrial enterprises
Quality management in logistics
Transport – shipping – logistics (TSL)


Business psychology
Counseling and personal psychology
Clinical psychology
Social psychology
Sport psychology


North American studies
European studies
Asian studies
Art of diplomacy and international negotiations
Intercultural management (studies in English)


Hotels and restaurants
Management in tourism business


Interactive marketing and public relation 
Financial management and accounting
Intercultural management 
Management organizations
Human resources management



E-Business and professional communication
Logistics in Management
Profile is management
Accounting and finance in management
Public health and management in health care
Business management 
E-Business + professional communication 
Info logistics 


Public health and management in health care – module profiled in management.


Second level – Master


Public administration and management – profile specialization in management


The internal security of the state
Military security and defense
Emergency management and rescue


Specializing in teaching (teaching English)
Translation studies
Linguistics with element of business
American culture and communication in business
American studies
Business communication; business communication and master of science in professional communication
Polish-American studies


Accounting and finance in management – profile in management


Surveying economic
Cadastral and real estate management



Master–semester (for engineering graduates)
The integration of open systems
Visualization system and information management
The four master (for graduates of undergraduates studies):
Business informatics
Specialization in visualization system and information management
Specialization in integration of open system
Community informatics


Logistics management – module profiled in management


Health psychology and clinical
Business psychology and counseling


Diplomacy and political relations
Foreign trade
Regional policy
Euro regional policy
New centers of the modern world
The media and international communication
Media in the modern world
International business


FIRST level - Bachelor

Architecture and urban planning
National security
Journalism and communication
European studies
Film and audiovisual arts
English philology
Finance and accounting
Geodesy and cartography
Computer Studies
New media
Special education
Social work
International relations
Tourism and recreation
Public health

Second level - Master

Computer science and IT
International business communication
International business management
Tourism and recreation
Business psychology

Third level - Doctor

Information technology
Applied linguistics

5. Academic calendar


                                                                                                               WINTER SEMESTER


  • 03.10.2022-05.02.2023- lectures and seminars
  • 01.11.2022- holidays (All Saints' Day)
  • 11.11.2022- holidays (National Day of Poland
  • 24.12.2022-12.01.2023- Christmas break
  • 06.02.2023-19.02.2023- exams' period
  • 20.02.2023-28.02.2023- retake exams' period


                                                                                                          SUMMER SEMESTER


  • 20.02.2023-09.06.2023 summer semester 
  • 07.04.2023-12.04.2023- Easter break
  • 01.05.2023-03.05.2023- holidays (National Days of Poland)
  • 16.06.2023- holidays (polish celebration)
  • 12.06.2023-23.06.2023- exams' period


6. Student cards- discounts

Foreign students that are coming to University of Social Sciences will get their temporary student cards  from us after they send us via mail their personal details:

  • Name and the surname
  • Date of birth
  • Major of studies and level of studies
  • Identification number of an ID/passport
  • Polish temporary address
  • Scan of an ID/passport


Moreover, every foreign student MUST also prepare before coming to Poland an ISEC card which is International Student Exchange Card.

 It qualifies you for special discounts and benefits worldwide.

More information on the Website-

7. Accomodation and Erasmus events

There are several websites where students can search for flats, rooms, or flatmates: - this is site is perfect to find a room/flat to share in any city in Poland along with their prices and photos

https://‎- this is site is perfect to find a room/flat to share in any city in Poland along with their prices and photos this is site is perfect to find different Erasmus groups and associations where you can find flats, rooms, events, parties, etc.  this is site is perfect to find a room/flat/flatmate/roommate  to share in any city in Poland along with their prices and photos - this is site is perfect to find a room/flat to share in any city in Poland along with their prices and photos

We also encourage students to look for different Erasmus groups on Facebook such as:

-        Erasmus Warsaw

-        Erasmus in Warsaw- ESN Warsaw United

-        Erasmus Parties in Warsaw

-        Flats for Erasmus students in Warsaw,


 Please note that we do not take any responsibility for your decision about the accommodation.


 We have also other options that we can recommend. When you decide for one of them, please always include us- in the correspondence.



University of Social Sciences has a dormitory in Warsaw: 



Contact number-  22 656 39 00, + 48 664 476 777


Rooms with a toilet and a shower

Price per a person

1-person room

900 zł

2-person room

800 zł

3-person room

700 zł

4-person room

600 zł


Rooms with a toilet and a shower in the corridor


2-person room

610 zł

3-person room

540 zł

4-person room

520 zł

5-person room

510 zł


Additionally, every student needs to give a deposit (1000 zł). Of course, the deposit is refundable and the end of renting period if everything is all right with the room.

When you send an email to the dormitory, please also inform us in the e-mail to


REMEMBER- University of Social Sciences does not have dormitories in other cities!!!



  1. a) Thanks to the courtesy of University of Economics in Krakow and of Ms Agnieszka Nowak, we have information about accommodation in dormitories.


Contact person-  Agnieszka Nowak

Contact e-mail-

Contact number-  +48 12 293 55 56

When you send an email to this person, please also inform us in the e-mail to

b)Website for searching rooms/flats in Cracow:

c)Accommodation possibilities in Cracow Academy of Physical Education dorm:

Contact e-mail-

When you send an email to this person, please also inform us in the e-mail to

d)Accommodation possibilities in Cracow Music Academy dorm:

Address: Przemyska 3

Contact number-  +48 12 431 10 50




Contact number- +48 535 044 477

Contact e-mail-

500 PLN deposit
Single room 1000 pln/month
2,3,4 person room- 750 pl/month

Laundry room

1 bathroom for every 2 rooms

Kitchens on the 3rd and 4th floor

When you send an email to this person, please also inform us in the e-mail to

8. Insurance

EU citizens staying in Poland are legible for free health service, if they present their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).  EU citizens not having insurance in their country of residence and non-EU citizens may sign insurance agreement with the Polish Health National Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) and purchase insurance for the monthly fee of 40 PLN. 

More information can be found on The National Health Fund website -

Without any type of universal insurance- medical care in Poland is not free of charge. Health insurance is mandatory for all students for the entire duration of their stay in Poland. The students from non-EU/EEA countries are recommended to buy medical insurance in their home country or immediately after their arrival in Poland. Otherwise students are required to pay for any health service they get. 

All foreign students are also advised to purchase third party liability insurance and accident insurance.


9. Visa

Non EU/EEA students need to arrive in Poland with a student’s visa obtained at a Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. It is important to remember that visas are granted for a maximum of three months.


For further assistance students are strongly urged to contact the International Relations Office of their university. More practical information about: coming to Poland, legalizing your stay, medical care and insurance, driving license, addresses of diplomatic missions of in Poland is available at (Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

10. Transport, mobile phone, currency


For longer journeys between polish cities and also trips abroad:




  • Polish State Railways-

Public buses/trams:

Single-use ticket for students - around 1,50 Zl (during the control inspection, you need to show your student card)

Single-use normal ticket –  around 3 Zl


Warsaw’s website-

Cracow’s website-

Lodz’s website-




If you have a SIM-lock free mobile you can get a starter SIM card such as “Play” for 5 Zl which is 1,25 Euro from any newsagent’s and you’ll have a Polish number. If you top it up with another 5 Zl it will be valid for a year. Virgin mobile has currently offer with FREEMIUM plan, free you get 30 minutes 30 SMS and 300MB, every month. You can buy simcard anywhere, but to be able to use it you have to show your ID in mobile operators office and register simcard to your name. This regulations have been imposed lately.

For more details, please check the website-




The Polish currency is Zloty (1 euro = aprox.4,35 Zloty). Be aware that the exchange offices in the airport may charge a different rate for exchanging Euro to Zloty, usually not convenient for you and at a very bad rate.

Search via Internet the best money exchange offices.