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Internship offers in Spain


Hello students!

We have several internship offers advertised by the website trainingexperience.org for students of:

  • marketing
  • graphic design
  • computer studies
  • media
  • business

The internships take place in beautiful Spain, and last from 3-6 months. You would get the Erasmus scholarship from us - 550 Euro/ month. 

Some companies guarantee hiring afterwards!

Please contact us - erasmus@erasmus.com.pl to find out more details!

Internship offers in Spain


Hello guys,

We have other great offers of internships for you in a wonderful country of Spain.

Please visit the website- https://apply.spain-internship.com/ and click on "Register and apply". 

Here are some of current offers:

  • internships in marketing, social media, and sales - 250 Euro from the company +500 Euro from Erasmus!!
  • internships in the hotel - 300 Euro from the company+ 500 Euro from Erasmus+ free accommodation!
  • internships in kindergarten/education - 500 Euro from the company+ 500 Euro from Erasmus!!
  • internship as a physiotherapist in spa resorts- 300 Euro from the company+ 500 Euro from Erasmus+ free accommodation!!

You can take a look at some of them here:

Please contact us (erasmus@erasmus.com.pl) for more information , or write to the recruiter -kasia@spain-internship.com

Internships for students


Hello guys,

If you are interested in some internship abroad, and you would like to get some money for it, this page is great for you:


It's a perfect platform to find an internship due to your major, interest, skills, etc.

If you find some interesting offer for yourself, let us know - erasmus@erasmus.com.pl