Memories from Erasmus- the studies in Germany

« wróć

"I spent my fourth semester in Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg. The university campus is very close to the center, which is very convenient. On the campus there are many student facilities - well-equipped library, dorms, canteen, etc. The accommodation itself is also great because everyone has a separate room with a kitchen and a bathroom. 

I also had a great help from coordinators. We had an Orientation Week during which we learned everything about the university, scheedule, customs, etc. Many events and parties were organized, so I could integrate with other students. 

Regarding classes- we conduct discussions and prepare a lot of presentations.  The lecturers are friendly and at the same time demanding. 

As for the subjects, I had a great variety of them, and I could choose them both in English and German.

To all those who are hesitant about going for Erasmus, I can definitely recommend this university and encourage you to start this journey. 

Erasmus is a beautiful adventure, which is difficult to describe only with words- you simply have to experience it!"

If you also would like to study your major abroad, improve your language skills and meet new people, please contact our Erasmus office to find out more about opportunities you have- erasmus@erasmus.com.pl