Oferty praktyk


Who can apply?

The offer is open to all University of Social Sciences (Społeczna Akademia Nauk) students and recent graduates.

It is generally open to every field of study.

Your university is responsible for the whole recruitment process, using online application form and via email.

In the past we managed to finance all candidates,  if they applied early enough, and we hope for the same result in the future.

Where do the internships take place?

The internships can be completed in companies, at universities and research institutions as well as other public and not-for-profit organizations in EU countries (except EU organisations)

How do I find an internship?

We offer you several placements and useful links on searching for an internship, which you may use. You can also look for your internship in another way, e.g. via the Internet,  or you can reach to us- we can help you to find a desired place of your internship.

Useful links - it is a platform where companies and organisations offer different placements - it is a plat­form based on the cooperation of a german Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg which is our partner university and the office of LEO-NET espe­ci­ally ded­ic­ated to pro­mote high qual­ity place­ments within the frame­work of EU pro­grams Leonardo da Vinci and ERAS­MUS. Most offers are in English, but other languages are much appreciated - an online mediation agency for international internships, graduation assignments and traineeships. It managed to help more than 455 000 of students to find them their desired traineeship. You can find there student internships all over the world - leading online search engine for international travel programs with reviews of other trainees and helpful guides. - it is a platform targeted at German-speaking students who look for internships all over Germany and are willing to expand their professional and personal skills -  it is a platform that will help to match a student with a trusted company within the student's major/interest all over the Europe


Here you have some internship offers and links that can help you to find internship on your own:

I) The SUMMER internship with the cooperation with the Algoos office

Internship for students of:

  • Administration and Management,
  • Education,
  • English philology,
  • Primary Teaching,
  • Tourism

Duration: 3-4 months

Place of the internship: Greece, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain

Tasks of a trainee: dependent on a title

Requirements: dependent on a title


- 500 Euro per month as a salary from the hotel

- for Erasmus+ students, an additional 500 Euro as an Erasmus+ scholarship, so a total of 1000 Euro per month

Accommodation and meals included!!!



II) Internship offers from over 200 entrepreneurs and companies from many countries

These are offers prepared by one of our partner Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg for students of their university, but thanks to their kindness you can also use them.

The internship offers are in different languages. 

Here are certain companies you can get in touch with to perform there an internship:

Design and Art-




Landscape architecture-




Political Science, Psychology and Sociology-,,


III) The internship as a film-makers/movie maker assistants

Internship for students of: 

  • Audiovisual Communication,
  • Filmmaking,
  • TV Production

Duration: around 4 months

Place of the internship: Valencia (Spain)

Tasks of a trainee:

  • Creative thinking and using imagination to produce new ideas
  • Creating the Storytelling
  • Pre-production preparation
  • Filming
  • Post-production edition
  • Film edition (specialized on Final Cut)
  • Music searching


  • Some proven experience (examples) of audiovisual creation (one video is enough!)
  • Personal computer to work with Adobe Premier or FinalCutPRO
  • Good command of English (B2)

An additional advantage will be having your own camera and a driving license!!!


  • for Erasmus+ students, 500 Euro as an Erasmus+ scholarship



IV) Affiliate companies you can get in touch with and ask for the internship: - Journalism - Graphics Design - Architecture – Safety System Administration -  Cosmetology